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Leona C.

Tyler K.

Leon Z.


Leona C. dreams of a career in either the engineering or business field someday. She loves trying new sports and activities, and she has many hobbies, of which the most dear to her are dancing and volunteering. Whether it be in school or outside of the classroom, Leona delights in seeking out new opportunities to learn and explore. As she loves working with children, her favorite moment with AAYGC was volunteering at the Christmas Party for Hope Clinic at Collins Elementary School.

Joshua G.

Ali J.

Aisha J.

Ashton K. is a little salesman who loves to sell lemonades and chocolates.  He also sells coffee as part of the fundraising project of the Fort Bend Choir of which he is a member of.  Every year, he undertakes his personal project to collect socks and make sandwiches for the homeless. One of his big achievements is setting a goal and successfully sending 100 stuffed animals, donations and greeting cards of hope and courage to help the orphans affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Ethan K. aspires to make his mark as a businessman in the field of real estate in the future.  He finds purpose as a junior philanthropist and seeks out opportunities to involve himself in community projects and eagerly does volunteer work in school and with the family. Among the many projects he has been involved with, he is most proud with helping raise funds to match the grant from the government to build a playground for Treasure Forest Elementary School.

Tyler K. would like to take over the family business in the future.  In the meantime, he focuses on doing volunteer work at school and involving himself with the charitable projects undertaken by his family. He is most proud of the annual Christmas Gift giving program, as for many years, he and his brothers forego buying presents for themselves, and instead use their money to buy gifts for the less fortunate.

Shaurya M.

Jeffery S. is a Honor student and great athlete. He has a wide range of interests, and is determined to follow his passion in the future career. Jeffrey has committed to help others and give back to the communities at very young age. He has involved in various projects and non-profit organizations. He is most proud of a project which he and his family have been doing is “the Sun Library”. Working with the Library Project, a non-profit organization,  every summer Jeffrey and his family visited village schools in the countryside of China, donating books and school supplies, and setting up small libraries. So far, there are six "the Sun Libraries" in different parts of China.

Skylar S. 


Isabella H.

Madeline H.

Max H.

Brandon R.

Leilani R.

Natasha R.

Nicole M. aspires to become an entertainer, veterinarian and use her knowledge to help others. She loves animals and wants to continue the work of Nicole's Garden, where she is currently a Junior Garden Ambassador. Nicole's Garden is a non-profit named after her grandmother which uses technology to create space gardens and non-traditional farming. She is an active member of the Concert Choir renowned Houston Children's Chorus. Not only does she sing, Nicole is one of the dancers in the choreography section of the choir. She is also an active junior Girl Scout and member of the Future Problem Solvers at her school.

Rhea N.

Colin S.

Simon Z.

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